Cooked Shrimp PD 71-90 IML 500 gr | 

Shrimps are a group of aquatic creatures from the crustacean family.
The cooking process of shrimp is a useful process to improve the taste and maintain the physical and appearance conditions of the product.

Among the most important properties of cooked shrimp, the following can be mentioned:
- Inactivating enzymes that cause spoilage and spoilage of shrimp.
- Reducing the microbial load of shrimp
- Eliminating the smell of shrimp, better texture, milder and more delicious taste, as well as desirable color and smell.
- Shrimp is a nutritious and delicious substitute for red meat protein.
- Shrimp is a rich source of B, A, E, D, C vitamins.
- Shrimp strengthens memory and increases mental strength.

All seafood in general and shrimp in particular strengthen the body's defense system.

Sharin cooked shrimps are produced in different sizes for different purposes and can be used to prepare salads, various foods, pastas or with rice.

It can be supplied in 350g and 500g containers, 4kg and 5kg and 10kg packages for organizations and caterers.

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