Cooked Shrimp 51-60 350 gr - 500 gr | 

Cooking process not only improves the shrimp's taste but also preserves its shape and physical characteristics,  cooking is widely used for processing vegetables and raw shrimp in the world.
Cooking deactivates raw shrimp's enzymes, otherwise it would be spoiled.
In a Cooking process the food stayed on steam or hot water for a short period of time and then lied on cold running water or ice which improves shrimp's quality and color.
Sorosuh Salamat Nikan Fishery Products is the first Iranian company who imported a shrimp processing line from Europe. Our cooked shrimp is an innovation for Iranian market, and is adding value to our shrimp industry.

 The most important properties are following:
-Deactivating the enzymes which are spoiling the shrimp
-Reducing the harmful microorganisms
-Destroying the bad smell, makes the shrimp tasty, improves the texture, color and odor. 
Sharin Brand Cooked shrimp is produced in various sizes and can be used for making salads, pasta and several types of dishes, including dishes with rice.

Sharin Brand Cooked Shrimp is available in 350 and 500 gr. skin packs for end users and also in 4 kg bags for HORECA distribution.

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