Salmon Trout Mexican 300 gr | 

Boneless Fillet
Salmo Salar belongs to the Salmon family and lives in sweet waters. The high amount of Omega 3, minerals and vitamins makes Salmon one of the most popular foods in the world.

As the Salmon's Omega 3 amount is more than other types of fish species, it helps to reduce our stress.

 - It is useful for heart anD blood vessels.
It reduces the Cholesterol.
Is useful for adjusting the high blood pressure.
113 grams of Salmon is sufficient for 87 % of human body's daily need for Omega3.
- 100 Grams of Salmon has 20 grams of Protein, 11 grams of Fat and 180Kcal energy.

Frozen Salmon fillets are packed in 350 and 500 grams vacuum bags. 

We also supply frozen Gutted Salmon Head On.

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