Cooked Shrimp Head on Shell on, in 1Kg bulk 1Kg | 

The cooking process of shrimp is a useful method to improve the taste and at the same time, it helps the appearance of shrimp keep its physical texture properly. 

Among the multiple benefits of shrimp, the Following items can be mentioned: 
_Inactivating the enzymes that cause the shrimp to spoil

_Reducing the microbic load of shrimp 

_ Eliminating the smell of shrimp and enhancing considerably its texture, smell, colour and taste

Sharin's Head on Shell on shrimp has been produced in different sizes for various human consumption both for domestic markets and factories inside and outside of the country 

Products can be produced in 1, 6 and 12 Kg as packages to fulfil foreign customer needs esp EXPORT to Eurasia countries

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