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Trout (Gutted & Gilled)
Nowadays, Trout is considered a popular seafood and has a very active global market. Trout is the most
important species of freshwater farmed. This fish is one of the cold-water and carnivorous fish and Iran
is considered as the largest producer of trout in inland waters (fresh water). Due to the fact that trout
requires ideal farming conditions such as high quality waters, rich in oxygen, free of toxins and heavy
metals, clear and healthy, it has very tasty, healthy and high quality flesh.

Nutritional value of trout:
This fish is rich in omega-3 and potassium, rich in phosphorus, a good source of selenium, vitamin D and
an excellent source of B vitamins. Among the properties of this fish can be mentioned to improve and
treat liver disease. Eating this fish improves the functioning of the immune system.
Iran is one of the major producers of trout in the region, which in addition to producing the amount
needed by the domestic market is also exporting trout to different countries. Species of this fish in the
North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans It exists and is consumed in most parts of the world.

- Available in vacuum packs of 1000 g and 10 kg cartons in the form of empty gills for household
consumption, restaurants, organizations and catering.

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