Barracuda 500 gr | 

Barracuda (premium fillet without razor and bone)
Barracuda is also known by Spear Lion and Dovolmi. It is one of the most popular fish in
the south of Iran. This fish is very suitable for making Qelye Mahi (Local delicious food
which belong to south of Iran). The taste of this fish is very delicious and has a slight
razor blade and the flesh is soft and tender.

Nutritional value of Barracuda:
This fish is rich in minerals and beneficial fatty acids including omega 3, calcium,
phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and potassium. Vitamins A and E are suitable
for athletes, the elderly, children and pregnant women. It is also recommended to
prevent cancer and prevent hair loss.
Barracuda live in tropical and subtropical regions and so popular fish in the Persian
Gulf/South of Iran.
 Available in vacuum 500 package.
 It can also be provided in bulk for the use of organizations and caterers.

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