Spanish Mackerel 700 gr | 

Spanish Mackerel (Steak)

 Mackerel is one of the most popular and least razor-sharp fish in the south of Iran. The protein of Mackerel is very high and rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

 Mackerel is belonging to group of high weight and has a soft flesh. This fish has only a very thin and small scale in the middle, which this blade can be easily removed. This fish has a lot of meat, that's why the best way to cook this delicious fish is to fry it.


Nutritional value:

The protein in its flesh strengthens the immune, nervous and growth systems of children. Also, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 of this fish reduce the incidence of physical and mental diseases, especially in women. This fish is a very good source of phosphorus, which in combination with calcium is very effective in bone health and strength.


Spanish Mackerel live in surface and relatively shallow waters in the Indian Ocean and western Pacific.


In both 700 gr package and whole gutted fish can be provided for the use of organizations and caterers is available.

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